One day a little seahorse got lost from the others. It had no clue where it was. It was in the specific ocean, but it didn't know that. You see a nice looking clam, but you also see some coral. [[ Approach the clam]] [[ Hide in the coral]] The clam helps you figure out where you are. You are thanking it repeatidly, when a fishing net comes in. You get caught in the net. What do you do? [[ Go to freddy fazbears pizza and forget this happened]] [[ flop around and try to get out]]This doesn't help at all, So you still are clueless. You stay for a while, but eventually a predator comes and notices the seahorse. They get close and bare there teeth. You try to move away but they are too fast. What do you do? [[ Swim away in the opposite dierection]] [[ Fight the predator]]You manage to escape the predator barely. you see a wave coming. What do you do? [[ Ride the wave]] [[ Try to get back to the starting point]]unfortunantly, the predator is much bigger than you. It takes one swing at you and you are out. You eat some pizza, But ever since you wonder what it would be like if you kept on going and try to escape the net. You sucsessfully get out, and you see a big peice of seaweed. what do you do? [[ Eat the seaweed ]] [[ Go deeper in the sea]] [[ go farther up ]]The wave takes you closer to where you started. you look around to see somebody from your class!! What do you do? [[ Try to go home]] [[ talk to the classmate ]]This doesn't work and you just get more lost. That made you get more energy, but it also made you forget where you are. this was not a good idea! Sharks are surrounding you and you have no way to get out.. :(You get closer to the top and you can see the beach ahead. You can go to the shore or keep swimming. What do you do? [[ Go to shore ]] [[ Keep swimming]]You find something that looks like your home, But when you knock on the door a cranky looking Pufferfish comes out. you [[ RUN AWAY!!! ]]You walk up to them "Hi! It's me! I was lost... Can you help me get back to the group?" You ask "Oh... I'm kinda lost too... Maybe we should stick together?" It questions do you... [[ Refuse the offer ]] [[ Accept the offer]] [[ Do the Nae Nae ]]Somebody comes near you with a net. They scoop you up and put you in a truck. You finally find your classmates! You swim around aimlessly... Eventually you find the class together!! :)This only gets you a strange look from the classmate...[[ The lost Seahorse]]You run away as fast as you can, very embarresed. You got nothing out of that and you are now as confused as ever!